Songs for the Saints: Digital Album


A collection of congregational songs for small churches.This a download of the album

Small churches are not big churches. Small groups of people with few or no instruments require different kinds of songs in order for them to work. These recordings have been done in such a way as to recreate the sound of a small congregation. The reason for this is two fold, firstly so that when you hear it, you are not filled with a feeling of, ‘well we could never sound like that’. Secondly, if your congregation is short of musicians at present, you may find these recordings useful to sing along with.

1. Come one, Come all
2. Beneath the Southern Cross
3. Korowai Tapu
4. The Philippians Hymn
5. The Colossian Hymn
6. O Restore Us
7. How Long O Lord
8. Christ before me
9. Psalm 121
10. Growing Gardens
11. God of our Fathers and Mothers
12. Come now, Breath of Life
13. The Grace

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