Songs for the Road

Songs for the Road

The Songs for the Road project began on Queen’s Birthday Weekend in 2011 – with the aim to write songs for the New Zealand church to help us express the present reality of the resurrected Jesus in our midst.

Since then, the songs have been sung and refined, added too and simplified.

Now we have 12 songs from up and down the country to bless our faith family. Albums have been gifted to every parish within the PCANZ. This is where you can find lyrics and free lead sheets. You can hear some of the songs here:

If you appreciate these songs and would like to see more of them you might like to partner with us. It costs us only $300 to record a song so everyone can hear it and use it in their own context. Want to help it happen? Get in touch! Here are some to get your started…

God is Good

Here are some of the songs

Our Father is waiting

Malcolm Gordon

Gather Round the Feast

Jordan Redding

Christ Before Me

Malcolm Gordon