The Illustrated Gospel Project

The Songs

Luke 1 – The Annunciation

Luke 2 – Simeon & Anna

Luke 4 – Jesus’ Synagogue Sermon

Luke 5 – Calling the Disciples

Luke 8 – Jairus’ Daughter & the Bleeding Woman

Luke 10 – Sending the 70

Luke 10 – The Good Samaritan

Luke 14 – The Great Banquet

Luke 15 – The Lost Stories

Luke 19 – Zaccheus

Luke 24 – The Road to Emmaus

Want to Play?

This conversation awaits your contribution.

We have set this website up to share the resources from the book 'The Illustrated Gospel Project', plus the extra stuff that we couldn't fit in the book. But there is still room! Room for what you and your community of faith might create in response to God’s creative Word at work, and at play in your midst. So if you create a drama, a song, a prayer or a responsive reading, we’d like you to share it.
Go, contribute ‘Your Voice’!