Opening prayers of adoration

These come from the Timaru Presbyterian Parish, courtesy of our friend, Mary-Jane Konings. You may find some of these need to be adapted to your context – especially if you’re not blessed to be able to see Mt Aoraki from your place!
In Timaru they have a child read one of the following prayers near the start of their service. You can read them below or download the file: Prayersforchildren.doc


1.You are an awesome God, and you love us very much.
Thank you for sending Jesus, and calling us together to celebrate his work.
Please take away the road blocks that stop us from coming into your presence, and fill in the pot holes that slow us down and make the way bumpy.
In Jesus name we pray with the help of the Holy Spirit,

2. Heavenly Father, your name is awesome.
You are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.
You are the biggest and the most beautiful and the most powerful.
Yet you love to hear us sing and pray.
You really love it when children and babies praise you.
Help us to worship you this morning, Amen.

3. O God you are unique.
You alone make an agreement, a covenant with us,
You alone love us and care for us,
You alone call us to walk with you.
Help us today to see you are here,
Help us today to learn more of you,
Help us today to follow you alone.
Change our hearts and our minds,
So we might really be your special people,
Through Jesus Christ your son, Amen.

4. Heavenly Father,
Your love is big, bigger than Mt Aoraki,
Your faithfulness goes right up past the sky,
Your righteousness is bigger than the Hunter Hills
Or the Albury Range,
Your justice is deeper than the diving pool,
Far deeper than the sea
Tuck us under your wing so we might be safe,
Everything that is alive relies on you.
You are the source of all life,
And in your light, we see light.

5. God of light and truth,
We don’t really get you.
You are so bright we can’t really look at you,
You are so awesome we just don’t understand.
But you sent Jesus to help us.
So, we praise you and thank you,
With words and music and action
For you have shown us truth and love
In Jesus Christ, our Saviour, Amen.

6. God our Father,
Thank you for listening to us
No matter how young or how old we are.
Thank you for sending Jesus,
Who teaches us how to pray.
We know that you always listen to us,
Help us to listen to you today.

7. Eternal God,
You have called us together,
To be the hands and feet of Jesus,
Along with people in Africa and Afghanistan,
America and Algeria.
All around the world people are waking up,
And praising you.
Help us to join in the great big wave of praise,
So together we might show
That we are one through the work of the Holy Spirit,
And so bring glory and honour to our Lord
And Saviour, Jesus Christ.

8. God of grace,
You have made our minds,
So help us to know you.
You have made our hearts
So help us to love you.
You have made our voices,
So help us to sing your praise.
Fill us with your Holy Spirit,
So together we may celebrate your glory
And worship you in spirit and in truth,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

9. Almighty and loving God,
You have given us eyes
To see the light that fills this room,
Give us eyes to see you in this place.
You have made us so we can feel
The morning wind on our faces,
Help us to sense your presence
As we come and worship you, Amen.

10. Lord, open to us the sea of your mercy
And water us with full streams of your grace.
Make us children of quietness,
And heirs of peace;
Light the fire of your love in our hearts
And strengthen our weakness by your power,
Help us to see and hear and know
Your living presence in us today,
Through Jesus Christ  we pray, Amen.

11. Dear Lord God
There is no one like you,
You made the wind blow and the rain fall,
You help us when we are alive,
You bring us life when we are feeling sad,
You bring healing to those who are sick,
And free those who are in chains.
Is there anyone like you?
No way! You are a God of mighty acts,
Praise be to you forever, Amen.

12. We give you thanks God our Father,
For mercy that reaches out,
For patience that waits our return,
For love that is always ready
To welcome us and bring us home.
You are faithful, and you are kind.
Today, we join together with each other,
To declare your praise
And to worship you, and you alone.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.