Sheet music for the congregational songs from the albums ‘One Voice’ (2008) and ‘The Ministry of the Exterior/Ministry of the Interior’ (2010) released by Malcolm Gordon and the One Voice project can be accessed by emailing

Lyrics from the ‘Ministry of the Exterior/Interior’ album (2010) can be downloaded here.

Also, this article by Rev Prof Murray Rae on the connection between our worship and our Christian lives is excellent. Read it often.

The Liturgical Shape of the Christian Life: download


If you have some other resources you can recommend, email them to

Some websites that we love are: – a whole host of resources based on the lectionary. – a photographer who posts pics and reflections connected with the lectionary. – videos, loops and still images all geared toward serving the lectionary readings. – a few genius’ uncovering lost hymns and giving them new singable melodies. Amazing!