Luke 24 - The Road to Emmaus



Neryl McCallum

Joy and wonder and disbelief are intimate friends.
They sing harmonically at the top of soaring mountains,
They glow in the light of a fully moonlit night,
They dance on the waves of the undulating sea,
They whisper in rain falling on arid soil.
They play in the eyes of the newly-in-love,
They join hands and celebrate the birth of a child,
Joy and wonder and disbelief live together in my house,
For frail-minded and self-conscious as I am,
Whenever I experience inconceivable splendour,
A tiny voice murmurs in my inner ear,
The words Psalmist once cried:
‘What are human beings that you are mindful of them…
And I hesitate to fully believe in delight.

While in their joy they were disbelieving and still wondering …
Luke 24:41


Andrew Norton

With eyes acquainted with the dark
may the first light of morning awaken within you a beautiful question;
one that unlocks doors
bolted by yesterday’s grief
and the harsh and unforgiving words
you have spoken to yourself.
May the sun spill light
into the cracks where the residue of darkness hides
inviting you to walk without fear of what lies within.
On these virgin sands of time coming to you as pure gift,
may you be embraced by a concept of grace
that sets you free to begin again.
Untie the string around your finger
as you remember forgotten dreams,
like a song that has been waiting to be sung,
listen for the long note played by the most gentle touch of the bow.
May it resonate with the one true note within that is you
and dance your dream into this day


Clare Lind

Will you know the stranger
When he taps you on the shoulder,
When he falls in step beside you,
And joins your conversation on the way?
Will you recognise the stranger,
Who listens to your story
And shatters your conclusions
With a different way of seeing,
Yet your hearts are stirred within you
At the words she has to say?
Do you believe that there’s a pattern?
When your world is crumbling round you
And you journey on in sadness,
Do you believe that there’s a pattern?
Will you let it be redrawn?
Will you let Christ do the drawing
And sketch hope where you feel pain?

We believe that God has been here;
We believe that God is still here;
We believe that God is coming back again.
We believe that there’s a pattern
And love is at its centre:
We do not always see it,
Sometimes we skew it badly,
Yet the pattern still remains.

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