Mark 5:1-6:6 - When Death does Not Win

Little Girl

Little Girl

Poem – Isla Willacy
Mark 5:35-43

Slowly, I slipped away. I slipped away from friends. From family. I slipped away from the world I knew. I slipped away from what felt like everything.

I lay there. Still as stone. Helpless. I had gone to where all thought I could not come back from. All thought this but one.

He stepped through the doorway. Though I was gone, I knew he was there. Jesus has a presence that you do not need open eyes or ears to notice. A presence that even I, who was gone, knew was standing next to my bedside.

He took me by the hand. I felt his everlasting love surge through me. Calling me back. That was when I realised that I was alive.

His voice called. “Little girl, I say to you, get up.” And so I got up. I walked around the room in my nightgown and thought to myself, ‘I have died and come back to life in this little, crinkled nightgown.’

Jesus had bothered to save a little girl like me.

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