This Ain’t for the Faint Hearted

‘Let’s set off for the other side,’ he said.

Something in his eyes

Filled me with dread

But I said that I would follow come what may

Still I couldn’t stop wondering

What we’d meet upon the way

The sailing started off smooth enough

The Master found a pillow

And some time away from us

And just as I was thinking all was well

A demon of a wind

Broke right out of hell



That could snatch your life away

This ain’t for the faint hearted

And mine grows faint within me


It don’t matter what you pray

This ain’t for the faint hearted

And yet there’s faith within me

I woke the master screaming, ‘Don’t you see?!

You might be the chosen one

But what about me?’

He rubbed his eyes and clambered to his feet

Then raising up his arms

He whispered peace to the sea

The whisper carried high above the gale

With gentle waves lapping

There was nothing in our sails

And every eye turned and fixed on him

Whatever fear we had

Now had a new direction


At last we row on to the other side

Weary and bedraggled

With some bruises on our pride

But lurking in the shadow of the day

Was evil with its vassal

That nothing could restrain

And screaming up a storm he came at us

With waves of rage and violence

Boiling in his blood

Again with quiet words the fury fell

And evil vanquished from this soul

All the way to hell


The townsfolk hoped to see the back of us

Though we’d saved their son among the tombs

It still wasn’t enough

Or maybe it was more than they could see

And trying as I might

I think the same was true of me