Mark 1-21 The voice, the desert and the call

Being Filled – Being Emptied

Being Filled, Being Emptied

Eden Finley
Mark 1:9-13

When the baptism of Jesus and the wilderness stories are put together, I see contrasting ideas. Firstly,
Jesus being lled by God in the baptism, and then being drained but ultimately defeating Satan in the wilderness. I love the imagery: “I saw heaven ripped open, gaping, the Spirit descending on me,” and I want to work with the over owing love of God being poured into Jesus.

For the rst image I represent the togetherness of the Trinity, the beauty of God, Jesus being surrounded and the Holy Spirit over owing. I then contrast this by portraying the wilderness, and Jesus “absorbing every temptation.” I painted a darker environment – something in which you could imagine beasts crawling. Jesus resists temptation and I imagine is drained, but is still the conqueror.

Jesus is now fully realised and able to begin his ministry.

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