Mark 13-14



Poem – Andrew Norton
Mark 14:32-42

I search the horizon but cannot see beyond today’s unfolding –
Hello to the unknown.

My bones ache, my breath is short, my feet and hands hurt –
Hello to pain.

The grace of tears –
Hello to love.

Light painting an azure sky with puffs of white clouds –
Hello to wonder.

A pathway into the mist –
Hello to mystery.

Now you have it, now you don’t –
Hello to loss.

A hand written card, pure gift –
Hello to kindness.

Thicker than blood because it is a choice –
Hello to friendship.

Stories of endings –
Hello to grief.

As champagne to a weary heart –
Hello to laughter.

“Hosanna” fades as the crowd turns –
Hello to forsaken.

I ask God “why?” so I may gain wisdom –
Hello to silence.

In the shadows I’m at home in the womb of creation –
Hello to darkness.

Sunlight through the rain –
Hello to hope.

Hello to life,
to all of it!


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