Not Even Enough

There’s not even enough

For the twelve of us

Let alone every mouth we can see

We’re run off our feet

Without time to eat

This is precisely why we had to leave

I know that you’re feeling for them

But for goodness sake send them away

There’s no kindness

in keeping them here

We’re all out of all that they crave

But he will not hear reason

I feel just like screaming

He’s making promises we cannot keep

They all sit on the ground

With no food to pass round

Without leaving us beggars on some barren street

He’s lifting his eyes to the sky

And he breaks the few loaves

that we found

And then with his face all aglow

He passes the fragments around

Well let me tell you

I ate more than a few

So over my stomach

I could hear myself think

Though I’d eaten my fill

More bread came until

There was nothing to do but to pass it along

And still with his eyes to the sky

He kept breaking the loaves

we had found

And every daughter and son

Ate their fill and lay back on the ground

I swear there wasn’t enough

For the twelve of us

Without counting every

man, woman and child

Yet all had to eat a bountiful feast

A banquet from heaven

The bread of life

And for each day since then

Around time and again

I’ve found there is still more

Than I can take in

Breaking hands stretched out wide

Eyes raised to the sky

And somehow the giver became the gift