Mark 6:6 - 8:21 - A Deaf Man Hears God's Great Message

You Give them Something to Eat

You Give them Something to Eat

Image – Rowan Cant
Mark 6:30-44

This piece picks up on the seemingly insurmountable challenge that Jesus gives his disciples, when he says, ‘You give them something to eat.’ What sounds like an impossible task, and perhaps even a dig at the disciples’ limitations, becomes reality as Jesus does the miraculous, and then digni es the disciples by involving them in distributing the bread and sh to the hungry crowds. This image shows Christ in the centre, surrounded by people who are all receiving and giving. It is a metaphor for the life of discipleship - we rst receive so that we may give. Our giving is empowered by our receiving. The image shows this in the shape of an ancient labyrinth, an unbroken line spiraling out from Christ into the world. I have depicted many different types of people participating in this miracle, highlighting the profound reordering of the world that happens around Jesus. Everyone can receive, and therefore everyone has something to offer.
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