Mark 6:6 - 8:21 - A Deaf Man Hears God's Great Message

My Nan Ses

My Nan Ses

Poem – Adrian Taylor
Mark 6:30-44

Here’s what came of the soliloquy of the child taking to Jesus. Imagine a boy or girl holding a piece of bread in a grubby hand:

My Nan Ses

Thanks for the bread, Mister
It tastes sweet, just like my Nan’s –
D’you know how far we walked today, to meet you in this field of stones?
They were stones in your hands, weren’t they Mister?
The ones I saw you hold, as you looked up in the sky
Well, they were stones until you broke them
And now look – there’s soft cakes for every child –
D’you think there will be enough for everyone?
My nan ses God invented bread, to be shared
And she should know, she makes all the bread at home
D’you know how long it takes to make the bread?
My nan gets up before the dawn, while I’m still dreaming
My nan ses she does it ’cause she loves us
Sometimes I watch her knead the dough
Then we play games while it rises in the sun
My nan ses the secret’s in the waiting, and she should know
She knows more about bread than anyone
And she ses there’s more to bread than just the eating
And d’you know what?
My nan ses you’re God’s Bread from Heaven
And God’s love’s better than life
But she couldn’t come today, ’cause she’s as sick as death
I’m gunna take her some of your bread, Mister
I’ll tell her it was made with so much love, that it has to make her well again
So please Mister – Jesus – Bread from Heaven –Sir
I’d like it very much, if you would come heal my nan

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