Mark 6:6 - 8:21 - A Deaf Man Hears God's Great Message

Dog Food

Dog Food

Poem – Neryl McCallum
Mark 7:24-30

Over the years the ingredients of dog food have changed.
It’s longer the sweepings of leftovers off the butcher’s floor,
rather prime steak, vegetables and pasta
are packed into calcium enhanced
chewy bites of goodness
that guarantee healthy bones and a shiny coat.

It wouldn’t be such a bad thing to eat dog food
it might taste bad (to humans)
but it’d certainly be nutritious.

It’s interesting, God,
this whole thing between you and the Syrophoenician woman,
for it seems that if you really meant
that some people were excluded from the table
then most of us would be eating dog food.

Are you teaching us that even the crumbs of grace
are worth begging for?

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