Mark 8:22-10 - A Blind Man Sees the Road Ahead

Humbly I Come Image

Humbly I Come

Image – Rebecca Iona
Mark 10:13-16

Mark 10:13-16 speaks of Jesus’s extensive love and welcome to children who were viewed by the disciples and others as the least of those in society. Not only did Jesus bless them, but in an unexpected twist elevated them as an example of those who would be welcomed into the Kingdom of God. The character of a child is depicted in the words on the side of the painting, words that pierce like an arrow into the heart of anyone who stands with an attitude of superiority. The innocence of the child's hand that stretches out to grasp tightly the finger of Jesus contrasts His worn hand, which has hung outstretched waiting to be grasped. The child allows Jesus to lead him out of darkness towards the radiant light the shines through the open gate into the Kingdom of God. The cross foreshadows the death of Jesus, which makes possible a renewed relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, if we are willing to come humbly to Him.
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