Mark 8:22-10 - A Blind Man Sees the Road Ahead


Jesus and his disciples went on to the villages around Caesarea Philippi.
On the way he asked them, ‘”Who do people say I am?”

God, we know that the question of who we are and what we are about
is especially heightened when we are in uncomfortable spaces

we stiffen when asked to explain what we believe in
we lose our words when the spotlight is pointed to us
we feel inadequate when asked to explain the truth we know deep within

Jesus, we notice,
reveals His identity when up against the powers that be…
in the villages near the Roman city,
in the synagogue when all eyes are upon Him,
in the temple when He dares to heal,
before the court that believes it holds power over life and death
there, in each space, He remains soulful, present, and alive…

we want to avoid such spaces and examination
we like our world ordered and structured
we like our faith-life without pressure

we avoid the scrutiny of others
even though we have developed a degree of fitness
in passing judgement on their identities and capacities!

but we notice
that where we are fearful,
Jesus is fearless

today O God, you invite us into Your larger world
where fearlessness leads to discovery
where jumping in the deep end is met by Your supporting arms
where an element of daring enables our souls to be filled

lead the way Lord Jesus,

through us
continue to confront the powers

around us
unfold Your kingdom coming

with us
build Your church

that who we are
becomes wholly shaped
by who You are


Take me to the edge, let me see,
Up to the top mountain and over the valley.
Take me to the sea,
Where the waters always ow.
Take me to the wild, where I don’t know,
Making my way with the wolves and the sparrow. Take me by the hand,
Where You send me I will go.
Jesus Fellowship – Northampton

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