We Take God Into Our Guts


I was particularly caught by a phrase this week in the old testament Lectionary text.  Isaiah speaks:  “Stop your meaningless offerings”.

I thought about meaningful offerings, life and worship.  The Incarnation of Jesus Christ – God in bodily form, God made flesh, is the most meaningful I could think of.  It makes sense of all others.

In response I began to write down a prayer.  I started with the Jesus Prayer:

Jesus Christ – Son of God – have mercy on me – a sinner

What I found is that the Incarnation does not fit into a solitary prayer.  What God offers is so much more! Perhaps that’s why we share in communion together in the life of the church – the body of Christ. Because Christ’s life is so much more.  Maybe it is set to become more meaningful to me, and maybe even to you.

As  a postscript, I observed my almost-eight-year-old daughter standing up to this framed painting in my kitchen, picking and eating, unscrewing lids, seasoning food, smelling flowers and filling up her plate and glass.  It is with this kind child-like faith that I want to partake in the Lord’s Feast.  Below is my prayer.

The Lord’s Feast by Jessie Boston


Christ, God’s Mighty Act
Of intimacy and love –
Jesus, Man Divine
This Body of Our God

Each time we pray
We take God into our guts
Saying “Lord, oppose my pride”
And, “Yes, you are enough”

Making known your mercy
For what is beyond our power to do
To be fully liberated
And direct our worship true

So take these error ridden prayers
And into your body ingest
Your life – buried and raised
Your song – your embodied holiness

Can we lean on your presence in sorrow –
Seeking all we should not dare?
Can we eat our fill at your table –
Expecting more of God to be here?

Yes! Find joy and deep peace
In the faith of Jesus, the Kingdom sign
Taste wonders for now and tomorrow
In community – bread and wine

AUTHOR: Adrian Taylor

I'm a third generation strawberry plant propagator, sometimes poet, backyard theologian and part-time mystic. I live in Katikati, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand with my wife Lucy, my son Sam, and daughters Coby and Caris. I enjoy social soccer with the lads and finely crafted IPA.

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