Jesus and the Humble Request


In the gospel Lectionary this week, we see Jesus returning from prayer and answering the request, “teach us to pray”. I wonder what we would receive if we risked the same request of Christ today? Read the whole story in Luke 11:1-13. I have especially enjoyed the The Message translation. Below is my meditative poem.


rest from work

Jesus, God-in-work-boots
When do you ever stop teaching?
When do you ever cease listening for our good?
Give us faith in asking, persistence in seeking
And holy impatience in knocking –
So that our life of prayer might not be a meagre thing
But a mutual space;
A thread of conversation in the orchard
A communal silence in the smoko room
A knowing smile as we take off our boots
Yes Lord, together, may we find joy in the possibility

AUTHOR: Adrian Taylor

I'm a third generation strawberry plant propagator, sometimes poet, backyard theologian and part-time mystic. I live in Katikati, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand with my wife Lucy, my son Sam, and daughters Coby and Caris. I enjoy social soccer with the lads and finely crafted IPA.

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