Season of Light 5


In Acts 16:9-15 we read that the Apostle Paul and friends go on a journey to Macedonia. After a few days they go outside the city gates to the river where they “expected to find a place of prayer.” Unexpectedly, they end up being invited to eat in the house of a Gentile woman, Lydia. I wonder if her home became that place of prayer. I can imagine the aroma of freshly baked bread and hearing conversation begin to form friendships.

This also got me thinking about thresholds, secret gardens, and passageways that open out to unexpected places. Perhaps you can think of a time when a particular vista or scene opened up before you. I wonder what feeling might be associated with that memory. You might like to contemplate and pray about that.

Below is my meditative poem:

sea door

Season of Light 5:

Creator –
You cross thresholds of our fear
And captivate our hearts
With one encouraging word
Not seeking to contain, but to free

AUTHOR: Adrian Taylor

I'm a third generation strawberry plant propagator, sometimes poet, backyard theologian and part-time mystic. I live in Katikati, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand with my wife Lucy, my son Sam, and daughters Coby and Caris. I enjoy social soccer with the lads and finely crafted IPA.

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