Season of Light 3


Last week I had the privilege of visiting Iolani Palace in Hawaii.  As guests we were invited to view the lower level of the Palace, which included a magnificent staircase and throne room (and the little throne room).  What captured me most, however, was the royal dining table.  As one of the last guests to make my way through I was able to linger a little longer.  I can honestly say I was moved.  I observed the high backed chair of the monarch,  the elaborate table settings, and imagined being at the table of the King or Queen.  It really spoke to me of one deep truth: Jesus invites us to be honoured at his table, the table of the King.  It reminds me of the Contemporary English Version of Psalm 23:5&6 –

“You treat me to a feast, while my enemies watch. You honor me as your guest, and you fill my cup until it overflows.”

I include another image here from The Illustrated Gospel Project:Luke because it portrays so well Christ’s invitation and favour. The image is called ‘The Lord’s Feast’, the artist is Jessie Boston.  It is based on the account in Luke 14:1-24.


Below is my prayerful collect:


Our Courteous Lord

You look beyond all that is inhospitable in us

And win us over and over and over again

Restore us and teach us to honour others

With your uncommon grace

AUTHOR: Adrian Taylor

I'm a third generation strawberry plant propagator, sometimes poet, backyard theologian and part-time mystic. I live in Katikati, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand with my wife Lucy, my son Sam, and daughters Coby and Caris. I enjoy social soccer with the lads and finely crafted IPA.

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