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Starting this weekend, my good friend, Adrian Taylor and I are going to be leading Lenten Reflective services around the place. They will feature Adrian’s poetry and my music. We’ve talked about a creative collaboration for some time, and this is the form things have taken. Adrian’s collection, ‘Watchings’ create the framework of the evening, with my music creating space for response and reaction.

Here’s one of my favourite pieces of Adrian’s work:

To begin;

From here lie a thousand responses
Each truncated into a thousand possibilities
Reminding us of who we are
Much like the humble leaf skeleton

I follow its line to the outer edge
Finding that once I have begun
It will not be long before
I will be asked to do so once again

So I choose to begin, momentarily
Mindful that we are always beginning
And though as fragile as a leaf skeleton
I’m as ready as I’ll ever be

For to begin, is the only success necessary

Cool huh? Alongside this, I’ll be sharing songs like this one.

Check the dates in the upcoming events and  come along if you can.

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