What would 10,000 reasons look like?

Here are the One Voice Project, we were excited to hear about this initiative happening down south. Here’s Cheryl Harray to tell us about this collaborative project to visualise the praises of God’s people, and their testaments to God’s goodness. – Malcs

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The 10,000 Reasons ‘Post it note’ Praise Project

Flagstaff Community Church, Dunedin, NZ

The song ‘10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord Oh My Soul) by Matt Redman has rapidly become a well known and loved congregational song of worship for NZ congregations over the last year (if you don’t know the song, you can listen to it here).

The words capture some timeless truths about God (based on Psalm 103) and remind us that anytime, every day is ‘time to sing your song again’

One Sunday morning last year, I started wondering “What would 10,000 reasons LOOK like? A graffiti wall of some kind where everyone could contribute their reasons to bless the Lord? How big would it need to be? How could everyone write up their reasons?….

The thought persisted (and persisted) in my visual learning-styled brain! Others became enthusiastic, the maths was done, materials bought and the project launched on a snowy Sunday morning in Dunedin with a much smaller than usual congregation on 14 July, 2013. 

People contributed one or two post it notes enthusiastically – each with 10 reasons on them and we began sticking them randomly in place on the calico backing. After the service people gathered to read what people had written and tried to work out the one big word that would be revealed when the specially marked squares were covered in one chosen colour! (yellow on the first banner).

Since that first freezing Sunday, things have progressed. Other churches have got involved. The banners are starting to take shape.

End of Week 7
There are three banners planned and the first two are nearly complete. Want to get involved? Its not too late. Grab some post-its and get your church, home group, youth group or family on board. The strength of this project is that young and old can offer their praise together and make something beautiful together to offer to our wonderful God. Get involved!

You can email Cheryl at: cheryl@kidsfriendly.org.nz or send your completed post-its to 14 Honeystone Street, Dunedin 9010.


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