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My dear friends, Sam and Rach Callander have almost completed a crowd funding campaign to create the Super Power Baby Project. The project is inspired by their daughter, Evie, who died almost 3 years ago. Evie had a rare chromosome disorder. Yet in the midst of all the medical information Sam and Rach were bombarded with, telling them everything Evie would not be able to do, they chose instead to give voice to the wonderful things Evie could do. Her ability to draw compassion and delight out of others, her laugh and so on. I believe this to be far more than mere ‘positive thinking’. This is about finding the dignity of a person, even if it is packaged differently, or seemingly hidden away. Sam and Rach teach us to ‘hunt for the treasure buried in the field’, and that it is worth forsaking all else to find it.

So now, Rach and Sam are starting the Super Power Baby Project to give voice and expression to all of the wondrous people God is hiding his image in in our world. You can find out more and contribute here.

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The national media is picking up on this incredible story of hope and redemption. Against the tide of ‘life the way we like it’, Sam and Rach are helping us rediscover and reclaim the virtue of forbearance, of digging deep to find the hidden treasure, of making the radical claim that human life is not precious because of what a person can do or achieve, but because life was made for love. Through sharing life with Evie, these guys learnt that her ability to give and receive love was anything but impaired. Sure they had to learn a new language along the way, but isn’t that was love does? This is the holy ground they found. This is why treasuring Evie was such a sweet, painful joy for them and all who knew her.

Sam and Rach – bless you guys for the gift you’re giving this world, borne out of your love and your pain.

  • Gary Mauga

    Thanks Malcs for bringing this story to my attention. Hope you are well brother. Sam and Rachel, thank you for moving my heart to respond (even in a strange grief) in the honouring of your daughter Evie. This is a LOVE story that will remain with me for years to come. May God and people bless you both.

    October 9, 2013
  • Thanks for supporting this project, Malcs (and everybody else at OneVoice). As an adult with a number of disabilities and other lifelong medical challenges, it means a lot to know that there are people out there who can look past disability, difference and the ‘othering’ that goes with it, and see the value of people with disabilities in spite of the challenges that they (we) bring to our world. It does a lot to make the world a more liveable place when those of us who face these things every day know that there are people who are prepared to challenge stereotypes and prejudices. Most of us who face physical or other challenges want nothing more than to be accepted as normal, to be part of the lives of ordinary people, and to work for a better future where all people are treated equally no matter what. Projects like this one help to reverse the curse of Genesis 3 for all of us who are touched by them.

    October 10, 2013
    • its our privilege Paul, for Christ hides himself in the least of these!

      October 23, 2013

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