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We’ve just enjoyed our 4th straight weekend at home. Its almost felt normal. We’re about to plunge back into our ‘weekend home, weekend away’ rhythm again.

Not that staying at home is all easy! In the last week we had a day long conference in Mangitangi and a weekend long conference with Jackie Pullinger in Tauranga where I led worship. Intense, life-giving times!

The weekend of the 30th of June I’m playing at Papakura East Presbyterian Church at 10am, and then again at 7pm at a combined youth service at Greyfriars Presbyterian in Mount Eden.

The weekend after that we’re going to be in Christchurch (5-7th of July). Still working out some of the details. On Saturday the 6th I’ll be doing some workshops, and on the Sunday the 7th I’ll be playing and speaking at St Stephens in Bryndwyr (8:30am), St Margaret’s in Bishopdale (10:30am) and Life Church in Upper Riccarton at 6pm. On Monday I’ll be sleeping!

Looking further ahead we’re off to Wellington for Connect later in July, and then possibly Vanuatu in August. We’ll keep you posted. God seems to have some cool ideas of how we can serve him with music!

But before we head out again, we have one more weekend of space remaining to us. We’re off to Waiheke Island this weekend with a wonderful collection of friends to enjoy each other, to enjoy ourselves, and to enjoy our God. I’m learning that when we make space for God he is faithful and comes to dwell in it. That’s what this coming weekend is going to be about.

Songs are starting to bubble up again, but not like before. I’m writing from melodies up in this season, rather than from an idea or a lyric. Its unsettling but exhilarating. I have a cool one on forgiveness I hope to demo for you in the next wee while. Blessings on you all.

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