Filming at York St Studio

On Friday night, I headed to the famous York St Studio to film the music video for the first single from the new album. It was a chance to get some of the musicians together again, with a totally different brief: this time we didn’t have to worry about sounding good, just looking good. This was a bit of challenge! Just ask Rowan or Matt how many times it takes to pick up your guitar without looking like a twit, or how often I can grab my coat and the mic stand its hanging over as I’m filmed leaving the studio. We’ll have a pretty healthy blooper reel, that’s for sure.

Jason Williamson of Neon Mammals (the genius behind the St Paul’s Christmas videos) was directing and shooting the video, with Anna Crosbie taking some pictures to prove we had actually been inside the hallowed walls of York St. We have another day of shooting to do sometime soon. In the meantime, enjoy some of Anna’s pictures.

IMG_0816That’s me playing a gorgeous baby grand (quite poorly) with Mike reinventing his violin part with Fred and Kirstin playing the part of ‘backing vocalists’, convincingly.

IMG_0832Here’s Tom Mepham, whose been involved with my music since we recorded ‘One Voice’ back in early 2008. It was great to have him around again. And nice head of hair Tomo!

IMG_0943Here’s Rowan and Matt proving that they’re under control once they’ve got hold of their guitars, its just tricky getting there sometimes.

IMG Mike

Mike adding some class, musically and aesthetically. Nice shot Anna.


Here’s Jason capturing the magic. It was a very fun night, really low key with plenty of banter.

IMG Music Vid Kirstin

Here’s Kirstin looking beautiful. Not unusual.

So the music video is for the song, ‘Our Father is waiting’ – you can listen to it here:

  • Are you allowed to say that your sister in law is looking beautiful?

    May 13, 2013
    • Yes, I think I am. 😉

      May 13, 2013
      • Rowan Cant

        He’s right though… she is… I think it’s all a part of truth telling.

        May 13, 2013

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