Old Psalm, fresh song, new tragedy


This morning, like many, I have watched the tragedy unfold in Boston. As one friend put it, what should have been a day for jubilation has descended into cruelty and violence. Reading the comments on internet news sites demanding vengeance tells me this is only the beginning of something, and not the beginning our God would wish for his people.

At the same time I have been putting the finishing touches on a new song, drawn out of Psalm 23, which is the lectionary Psalm for the coming Sunday. God seems to have known we were going to need to hear these words again: words that speak of a God who watches and guards us, and who invites us to a life of peace, even in the presence of enemies. These words are further enriched when we get to the end where the Psalmist sings with confidence that God’s goodness will pursue him for eternity. We remember a story about a shepherd who is willing to leave the flock in order to go after the lost one, the wayward one. Our God is a following God. May God follow our world into this fresh mess.

So here is a song for this day, and this week – as we reflect on life with a God who has given us words to speak of our need for safety and rest. You are welcome to download it and use it if it’s helpful.

Here’s a chord chart if you’d like to embody it in your own place. Its geared for a guy at the moment, but it still gives you the shape of the song.  Psalm 23 Chart in D

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