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wadestown church

Last weekend, the whole Gordon clan (all three of us) flew down to Wellington for a busy few days playing concerts, holding workshops and leading worship services. At the heart of our reason for going was Sunday worship with Wadestown Presbyterian Church. Back when I was running my super-successful Social Backing campaign to fund the album, Wadestown got behind it in a big way. They sing some of my songs as part of their worship, but other than a few emails with their minister, Sharon – I’d never had any personal contact with them.

They’ve also had a rough time of it recently. With the new earthquake regulations, their old church building was deemed to unsafe, and so they’re now a church ‘in-exile’, not even able to meet in Wadestown anymore, but gathering in a school down the hill, close to the centre of town. There is grief and uncertainty, mingled with anticipation at what God is doing. People are weary.

As I was preparing my message for Wadestown I had a clear nudge to stop writing my talk and start writing a song. The lectionary psalm last week was Psalm 126, which speaks of the captives being brought back to Israel, and it being ‘like a dream’, too good to be true. At the centre of the Psalm is the repeated conviction that ‘The Lord has done great things for us’. Then it goes on to implore God to ‘restore us again’. Simply put, God has done wonderful things in the past, and when he did it was amazing, and we need him to do it again.

It struck me that this was a song and a prayer that Wadestown needed at this time. So this is what came out:

O Restore us – Ps126

O Restore us – Psalm 126

When you gave us back what we’d lost
We were like people who dreamed
For such great a love, such a cost
Was too much for us to believe

O restore us
Stand up and be strong for us
Like streams in the wasteland
Restore us again

When you made a way through the sea
Our feet found a path on dry land
You would not rest til we were free
You gave us a safe place to stand

O restore us
Stand up and be strong for us
Like streams in the wasteland
Restore us again

O revive us
You’ve done it before
Come find us
For we are your people
And you are our God


  • Isabel

    My daughter is a member of Wadestown congregation
    Your deep consideration shown by the composing of the song has made a deep impression on her and she has found comfort in it
    So much so that she was compelled to share it with me in Hamilton

    April 2, 2013
    • Hi Isabel, we had such a blessed time with the folk at Wadestown a fortnight ago. The song grew out of my preparation to share God’s word with them, and was clearly part of what God had to say. I’m so glad to hear it has struck a chord with your daughter. I couldn’t have hoped for more. thanks for the encouragement.

      April 2, 2013

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