The giddy heights of stardom

Step aside Rapture Ruckus with your #1 NZ album.

Today I heard I’ve been shortlisted as a semi finalist in the International Songwriting Competition (henceforth referred to as the ISC).

With much fanfare, I read of my ‘aceptance’ [sic]. ‘Out of 20,000 entrants you have made the cut of just 1,800 semifinalists…..’

Come again?

That’s right. How does it feel to be in a semi final pool the size of the town you grew up in?

Well it sort of feels like growing up in that particular town, initially promising, but ultimately a bit underwhelming.


Yes, ‘oh’ indeed.

All crushed dreams aside, I’m still moderately chuffed. And for those of you interested – the song I entered was this old one:

Oh and Rapture Ruckus, you may have the stage back. You deserve it 😉

  • Geoff

    Congrats Malcs!!! Love that song 🙂

    February 8, 2013
    • well you helped some to make it lovable! i remember the ease with which this song came together made the rest of the album seem like jogging in jelly!

      February 8, 2013

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