Some images from the studio

We’re nearing the end of our two weeks in the studio. We are woefully behind schedule. We’re going to have to book another week sometime soon to do the lead vocals and backing vocals – so this last week has been spent getting all the instrumentation done.

Last Saturday, we had a full day over in the Waitakere Ranges recording drums with Evan Cooper. It looked like this…

While Matt and Tonz provided critical feedback, and ate the M&Ms.

Here’s Sophie getting her cello tracks sorted.

My major contribution was to maintain morale. There’s nothing like drinking fizz out of a flower vase to make you smile….right?

Apart from that, I did a bunch of listening. I only fell asleep once, when Matt was tracking guitars. Sorry bro.

Thanks for your support while we’ve been recording. We’re hoping to get some snippets of songs up soon so you can get an idea of what we’ve been cooking up. Peace, Malcs

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  • Jane Neike

    You have been working hard! Looking forward to hearing the end result!!

    September 21, 2012

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