As many of you will know, I’ve been running a funding campaign on Social Backing. Its been going phenomenally well – so well its about to become the quickest-funded project in the site’s history! I’m learning something about generosity from the inside 😉

This money is going to mean we can get someone awesome to mix and master the album, once Matt and I (and Sophie and Evan and Michael and Kirstin and John and Tony and Fred and…) get everything recorded. Meaning it’ll sound AMAZING!

If you haven’t gotten involved yet – please think about it. If we get more than 4 grand, its just going to off set other costs and make the whole process easier. Plus there are great rewards, with everything from the new album to a lounge concert up for grabs (your lounge not mine). You can check out the campaign here.

If you have contributed – thanks so much. There is a very warm feeling in my soul that is there cos of you!

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  • WE DID IT! Mid morning today, I got a text saying we’d got to our target. Then when I got home, we were a few hundred dollars over the top! Amazing. Warm feelings 😉

    September 10, 2012

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