Song for GA12 #1- Spotlight on Natalie Yule Yeoman

I have been asked to lead worship at this year’s General Assembly of the PCANZ (look it up) and the theme is ‘Reviving the Flame’. Specifically we want to look at what it means to live in the light of Jesus’ resurrection, to be people who are defined by God’s redemptive work, rather than confined by our own limitations and frailties.

Here’s a song I hope to use at GA12 that was written by Natalie Yule Yeoman at last year’s songwriting Co-op. It’s called ‘The Road Song’ and comes from the road to Emmaus story in Luke’s gospel.

It’s a stirring 6/8 song that draws on our both our Celtic and Maori heritage – not an easy task! Natalie’s been writing songs for God’s church for a while now, and her experience shines through in this song.

The Road Song – Natalie Yule Yeoman

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