The One Voice Project is about exploring contemporary expressions of Christian worship.


Christianity has had an interesting journey with ‘the arts’, being on the one hand the single avenue of artistic expression for large chunks of our Western history, and at other times, staunchly opposing what it deemed to be idolatrous.


Our spirituality is not easily definable, but it would be safe to say that it can’t be articulated without artistic creativity. Photography, design, poetry, music and dance all have something unique to offer. However we can’t presume that if we let our creativity loose, without parameters or guiding lights, that we’ll end up with something spiritually authentic.


That’s what The One Voice Project is about; encouraging creative expression that is deeply embedded in the Christian story, and guided by the light of Jesus. Art should never be considered an end in itself, it is a mode of communication. It is, however, a mode of communication capable of an even richer palate of expression than language itself, which is precisely why it must be used in the service of the most wondrous story ever told.


We artists are servants of a story, of The Story.The One Voice Project has been set up to facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources between artists who are committed to enriching the life of God’s Church in its worship and in its mission.


The inaugural project of The One Voice Project was based around a worship resource centred on the music of Malcolm Gordon. The project was released in stages, the album  in July 2008, and the worship resource in September of that year.


The album was met with a great deal of enthusiasm across the church, from Christian media, pastors, theologians and congregation members. However, it is a limited model for making and distributing music. It tends to ‘close off’ a process that is best left open ended, and it tends to create an elite which has no place in the Kingdom Jesus came to establish. So now we’re looking at doing something a little different.


Now, The One Voice Project plans to make this website a platform where artists can network, share ideas and find inspiration. First off we’re going to focus on song writing for a congregational setting. We hope to help people express the gifts and faith God has given them in creative and contextual ways, that will give the rest of us words to sing that we couldn’t imagine on our own. The contextual dimension is essential. How is our faith shaped by our setting, how can we express that? Its not all going to be easy, this will be a community that takes seriously the role of giving God’s people words to express who God is and who they are. We need thinkers to guide the doers, and feelers to help the thinkers too!


Down the line we’d love to make space where other artists can contribute; where photographers, poets, dancers, sculptors, painters (and even mimes) can share how they’re telling the Story.


The One Voice Project is here to help us creatively celebrate this Story, and help God’s people proclaim it in vibrant yet faithful ways.